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On February 9, we were reviewed by Food Phantom, a classically trained chef and a cook with 40+ years experience “bringing authentic analyses to you one bite at a time,” after being recommended by a Facebook follower.

Although unknowingly, we were happy to have them as guests in our dining room on Saturday night. Our staff was described as “friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive.”

As with all of our dinners, theirs started off with our fresh Italian bread and dishes of Joe’s roasted garlic, Scarpinato’s substitute for butter. Our sharp provolone and roasted peppers followed. The group passed on appetizers, but ordered the following entrees:
•    Chicken Fingers
•    Meatballs
•    Veal Parmesan with Penne
•    Shrimp Fra Diablo with Linguini
•    Seafood Pescatore
•    Chicken Italiano with Penne

They finished with coffee, Strawberry Shortcake and Snickers Cheesecake.

Food Phantom had this to say about Scarpinato’s: “To us, the ‘Scarpinato traditional family recipes,’ meant that our meal was going to be generous, scratch-made, and flavorful. We were not wrong! All of us found exactly what made our palates happy.”

Overall, Food Phantom gave us 4.5/5 and we couldn’t be happier.

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